Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

All the modules of the ERP are interrelated yet independent to ensure implementation and maintenance of individual module. Few of the salient features common across users are: Personalized, rolebased access: Providing single sign-on access to content on your portal based on role is simple, so you can ensure everyone can find what they need and only what they are authorized to see.

Best ROI of Any ERP

EduSuite's functions are designed to be multi-user, allowing you to work simultaneously and independently of others. Modules and portals are completely integrated to unify user data, to eliminate the need for costly multiple systems and to automate administrative tasks.

Reduced costs

Our solution brings ERP solution to you at lowered and affordable costs. Flexible functionality and deployment: Our portals are simple enough for novice users, yet robust enough for power users. A scalable, standards based platform means you can start small and rollout new features and functionality, as you are ready.

Easy GUI

Adding and customizing content on your portal is easy thanks to an intuitive interface and the ability to integrate with external applications.

Fastest and Easiest Implementation of Any ERP

Thanks to its parameter-driven, rulebased architecture, implementing EduSuite is quick and easy. Zero maintenance: You no more need to talk to technology Web Design Company to update your website information. Our unique feature offers you easy editor to update your institution information from any computer.